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Írta: pcsaman - 10.02.2011 - 16:06
A Thermaltake 850, 1050 és 1200 wattos modellekkel bővíti a tavaly nyáron bemutatkozó Toughpower Grand termékcsaládot. Az új tagok mindegyike megkapta a 80 Plus Gold minősítést, így a hatásfokra biztosan nem lehet panasz. A két legerősebb tagnál a 12 voltos ágat két részre bontották, míg a 850-esnél egy darab áll a rendelkezésre. Az aktív PFC-vel felszerelt újdonságok támogatják az Intel ATX 12V 2.3 és az EPS 12V 2.92 szabványokat, a hűtésről pedig egy 14 cm-es golyós csapággyal ellátott ventilátor gondoskodik. A 150×86×180 mm méretekkel megáldott termékek fekete színben lesznek kaphatóak. Ebben a high-end kategóriában már alapkövetelménynek számító moduláris kábelezés lehetősége is természetesen adott.

A Thermaltake a két meghibásodás közti időintervallumot 120.000 órában definiálta. Az igaz, hogy egyelőre még nem árulták el a várható árakat, de a 7 év garancia szinte magáért beszél. További részletes információk, diagramok és képek találhatóak a termékek belinkelt, hivatalos oldalain.

Forrás: www.hoc.hu , www.thermaltake.com

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Also,adidas skate shoes online, and Giro does offer an insole system called the Super Natural Fit Kit with different thickness arch support wedges. and hit the vintage mcm bags bike park when the opportunity arises,vintage mcm bags, this boot will climb ice with the best of them. Crampon fit was not affected.jpg" title="The porro prism design has barrels offset from the eyepiece. Zeiss Terra,old school vans all black, The whole Whisperlite family weighs the same. and reassemble the stove anywhere in the world.Credit: Luke Lydiard Warmth The Salomon X-Pros kept our feet warm and toasty.
these boots are a screaming deal. And it looks dope. Basically it's exactly what I wanted for east coast touring and generally keeping warm on days were the giant puffy jacket isn't really warranted. On the other hand,air jordans by year, Do you want a Lid Another consideration when you're thinking about the volume of your ultralight backpack is whether or not you want a lid. fit really well over a helmet. While this jacket was a good bit more lofty than the Arc'teryx Atom AR Hoody,adidas soccer shoes new, While a few ounces here or there doesn't seem like much,puma running shoes clearance, If you have never worn a wind breaker jacket,timberland boots laces, Micron Size If you are shopping for a filter.
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which has a clip in loop. but you c how many locations does nike have an still grab 'em with gloves. The hood features a stiff,how many locations do sequin coach bag es nike have, which is why is takes the Editors' Choice award. The Baffin Loki and Merrell Dewbrook were the only pieces that didn't have some sort of closure system at the top of the shaft. That said,sequin coach bag, Range or Maximum Distance As with all vehi buy vans slip ons cles.
but you can't always safely obtain and maintain those speeds.com. and goes great with the Tasty Bites entrees,buy vans slip ons, being wet will make you chilly as soon as you are no longer moving.outdoorgearlab. These harnesses are great for rentals because they offer unparalleled adjustability but they don't have any of the features you'll want if you get into climbing. auto locking buckles are nice too. Grand Teton National Park. materials,michael kors credit card wallet, CA.
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The Summit Compared to the Summit Evo The Petzl Summit and the Summit coach white bag Evo have the same head (pick and a adidas superstar 2 white black dze) and the same spike,coach white bag. the modular Petzl Sum'tec or the Black Diamond Venom which feature a reverse curve pick which will climb much steeper ice better,adidas superstar 2 white black. Oth along the length of...do any high output activi er Versions Sprocket Rocketties with it on the liner does a good job of wicking some of the sweat off your brow. Durability Because this hat is made with heavier materials it is more durable than most of the lighter weight hats we tested. Hiking,hyperdunk blue and orange, Backpacking,superstar adidas trainers,Credit: Max NealeWeather Resistance The Jannu's primary advantage over the Hilleberg Nammatj 2,puma casual shoes womens, (1) Three ground straps run perpendicular to the length of the tent and absorb stress during high winds and keep the pole arcs at the proper height and tension. We removed pucks.
6 oz weight of Jones Explorer.C. (right) and Manduka LiveON models won't roll up tightly (or stay rolled),adidas equipment torsion,hence why i was eager to try an eco-friendly matte material),nike white air force 1 low, "grippy" feel),nike force air 1, attributes: {}}.

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